Monday, 15 August 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a busy Summer, here, in my little part of the world, both with the children and with the chainmaille.

Clara has cut some more teeth and has been taking some steps.  Eli is about to turn 3 (how did that happen?) and has been getting more interested in his potty-training.  Jonas has become a full-fledged midway ride fanatic and will be attending a pre-school program this Fall (how did THAT happen?).  All three of our littles love Kejimkujik National Park, swings, swimming, playing with each other, and keeping us hopping.

As for the chainmaille, I've been preparing for the craft fair season, which, this year, starts with Art vs. Craft Halifax (at the Halifax Forum on Saturday, Aug. 20/11, from 11am to 6pm if you're in the area - admission is free!).  I've been working with some different weaves, some colored rings, and some new shapes.  I've also started making some charms on lanyard hooks (great for zipper pulls on jackets and purses), and have been getting some new displays ready, too.  All this on top of keeping the Etsy shop and the display at The Village Emporium in Chester, NS, full of jewelry.

So, it's been busy, busy, busy.

How's your Summer been?

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