Friday, 17 June 2011

A Typical Afternoon...

Mama is standing at the counter, supplies laid out, pliers in hand.  The baby is napping.  The boys are watching Special Agent Oso, learning how to tie shoes.  It's fairly quiet - time to make a pair of Helm Orb Earrings.

Mama starts opening jump rings, getting organized.  5 minutes pass.  Cue the child.  "Mama, I'm thirsty.  Can I have some water?"  Pliers are put down.

A few minutes later, both boys have water.  Mama has pliers back in hand.  20 more jump rings to open and I'll be ready to start.

Three jump rings later.  "Mama, Eli pooped."  sigh.

5 minutes later, Eli is clean.  Back to the pliers.  17 to open.

Just at the last ring opens, the boys (pretending to be trains) go running by, 'chugging' at the top of their lungs.  Cue the crying baby.  At least, I'm ready to make one earring.

Half an hour later, the boys are playing with their trucks, the baby has been fed and is chewing on a truck of her own.  Mama starts joining rings.  Finally, let's get this done.

The foundation of 16 rings are joined.  On a roll now.

Mama picks up another jump ring.  Screaming from the living-room:  both boys want the same red car - the one the baby is chewing on.

10 minutes later, the three-way dispute has been settled.  Mama picks up her pliers.  "Mama, can we share an apple?"  Pliers are back down.  At least, they want something healthy.

A couple of minutes later, each boy has half a cored apple.  Pliers are back up.  Please let me get this one earring finished before I have to start supper.

5 jump rings are joined.  Raindrops start hitting the window.  Pliers down.  Diapers are quickly brought in from the clothesline, covers are hung over the shower curtain rod to finish drying, diapers and doublers are tossed into the dryer.  That reminds me - time to change the baby's diaper.

One clean baby later, the last ring of the Orb is closed.  Just 2 more to turn it into an earring.  "Mama, I have to pee.  On the big potty.  I'm a big boy and big boys use big potties, not little potties."  So close to getting that earring finished.

10 minutes later, the earring is complete.  And, it's time to start preparing supper.  Maybe I'll get the other one done tomorrow.

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